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Hormone Wellness Test

Your hormones drive all of your body’s systems. Testing can help unlock the answers to better skin, nails, hair, and internal health – from bloating and disrupted digestion to slowed metabolism and exhaustion from stress. 

Our simple, at-home saliva test delivers a personalized wellness routine that includes skincare and supplement recommendations tailored to your hormones. You’ll also receive diet and lifestyle advice – to rebalance and see results from the inside out.

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Why Test
  • Eliminate guesswork from your skincare and supplements routines – our recommendations are science backed, and developed by our medical advisory team.
  • Testing is the most accurate way to understand the underlying root causes of skin symptoms and rebalance your whole health.
  • 83% of skin concerns such as acne, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, and wrinkles are driven by hormones.
  • Women on average suffer from at least 5 symptoms from hormone imbalance — ranging from acne to digestion discomfort, anxiety, and brain fog.
  • Have questions? Text us at 917.924.2828
  • You can test anytime of the month – we account for where you currently are in your cycle.
  • If you’re on hormonal birth control pills, we recommend testing during your week of placebo pills. 
  • If you don’t have a monthly cycle we account for that as well – you’ll let us know in your Hormone Wellness profile and we’ll adjust calculations accordingly.
  • Why saliva? Testing saliva measures your most bioavailable hormones (the hormones most readily available to impact health and skin). 
  • Is your testing accurate? Yes, our partner labs are CLIA certified, the most rigorous and highly regulated lab certification. 
  • Complete your test first thing in the morning, as some hormones, such as cortisol, change throughout the day.
What You'll Get
  • Your hormone readings for Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA, and Cortisol
  • Skincare and supplement recommendations tailored to your unique hormone levels
  • Personalized diet and lifestyle tips
  • Free consultation with a holistic nutritionist to review your results
  • Free recommended supplement
Privacy & Security
  • Your personal data and security is our first priority. We store all data securely and will never sell it or share it with any third parties.
  • You must be 18 and reside in the U.S. to purchase.
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Your Skin + Welness Routine

You'll get science-backed health insights to help understand your personal hormone levels, along with hormone clean solutions for your best skin and balance from within.


A hormone-clean routine with the best products and ingredients to address your skin symptoms from hormone imbalance.


A personalized routine that builds the foundation for hormone health and targets personal hormone imbalances.


Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, plus access to book an appointment with a registered dietician to help you achieve your hormone health goals. 

Your skincare routine

Your skincare routine

Your hormone-clean skincare routine is designed to build a healthy skin ecosystem for long-lasting skin health. You’ll be recommended skincare with ingredients that are optimal at treating skin symptoms resulting from your dominant hormone levels. Our formulas drive proven results and are developed to work synergistically.

  • Step 1 – A hormone optimized cleanser with active ingredients that work deeply without stripping your skin. 
  • Step 2 – The BioEvolve Serum and Moisturizer nourish and protect with biomimetic and adaptogenic ingredients that set the foundation for skin health.
  • Step 3 – Vital Concentrates are targeted solutions with potent actives that address your skin concerns from hormone imbalance.
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Your supplement routine

Your supplement routine

Your supplement routine addresses your hormones directly to treat the root cause of skin and health issues. You’ll be recommended 2 core doses of essential nutrients and probiotics for daily hormone maintenance, and 1 targeted supplement to rebalance your most dominant hormone level. Purely formulated with clean ingredients validated by our medical advisory team. 

  • BioEvolve Multivitamin – essential nutrients and vitamins to build the foundation for healthy hormone production
  • BioEvolve Probiotic – 6 strains of probiotics designed to process hormones, the #1 cause of gut issues
  • Vital Supplements –  your targeted treatments that address personal hormone imbalances


Hormones drive all body systems, including skin health, fertility, mood and mental health, metabolism, sleep, stress, sexual health, and even heart health.

Symptoms you experience on the outside such as acne and wrinkles are directly related to inner issues such as bloating, fatigue, and painful periods – and they all stem from hormonal imbalance.

Testing allows you to connect the dots and treat the root cause.

What we test for and why

We measure six key biofactors that drive health and skin. Why saliva? When measuring hormones specific to skin and health saliva tests measure your most bioavailable hormones, meaning the hormones available to impact skin health.


Estrogen (Estradiol)

Influences the skin’s ability to produce collagen and retain moisture. Low levels can lead to dryness and wrinkles, while excess can result in hyperpigmentation.



DHEA is thought to have key anti-aging benefits, including the ability to fight wrinkles and keep skin firm. However, excess amounts can lead to increased oil and acne.



A healthy balance of progesterone helps to keep your skin clear, moisturized, and protected from the effects of stress. Too much can lead to acne and breakouts.



Cortisol helps maintain adequate levels of moisture in skin, but it can also put your skin’s oil production in overdrive, leading to acne and inflammation.



Important for proper sebum production and moisture maintenance. Higher levels or imbalances result in acne and abnormal hair growth.



Everyone has their own unique baseline pH. However, too low (acidic pH) can lead to dryness and peeling, while too high (base pH) can compromise skin barrier.


The process is simple, and can be done in the convenience of your home.



Purchase your kit and answer a few questions so we can get to know the whole you and properly interpret your results.



A small saliva sample is all we need. Use the return envelope and prepaid shipping label to seamlessly send your test to our lab for analysis.



Access your results through your customer account - we'll e-mail you as soon as they are ready!


Ingredients Glossary

A science-based guide to skincare and beauty ingredients – from the safe, effective, and wonderful, to the toxic, potentially harmful, and endocrine disrupting.

Ingredients Glossary