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Hormone Health Awareness Month

Hormones are at the root of nearly every aspect of health. Yet, we are experiencing a hormonal health crisis. #itsyourhormones


Why Hormones

Hormones drive all major bodily functions and systems, including skin health, fertility, mood and mental health, metabolism, sleep, stress, sexual health, and even heart health.

Due to lack of awareness about how to care for our hormones and the impacts of hormonal imbalance, the suffering and symptoms of those affected is widespread.

What Veracity is Doing

For too long there has been shame and mystery shrouding hormonal health conditions. Veracity’s mission is to empower women by giving them real answers about what’s going on in their bodies

Since Veracity launched in 2021, over 87% of Skin + Health Test takers have uncovered a hormone imbalance they never knew about. 

Hormone Health Awareness Month is dedicated to shedding light on hormone health, promoting inclusive research, sharing stories, and changing the narrative of what it means to be “hormonal.” 

To support this mission we will be donating to the Endocrine Society.

Partners & Programming

We are excited to be partnering with medical experts, brands, individuals, and organizations to spread awareness of the importance of hormone health. 

Each week of August we will highlight a different area of hormone health through social media, discussion panels, Veracity Knowledge articles and giveaways.


Resources: Podcasts

  • As a Woman with Dr. Natalie Crawford

  • Body Stuff with Dr. Jen Gunter

  • Super Woman Wellness by Dr. Taz

  • On Health with Aviva Romm

  • Dr Will Cole

Veracity Knowledge

Learn about all things hormones on Veracity’s editorial platform, The Knowledge. Independently written and science backed, find information and real stories about hormone imbalances, EDC-free skincare, and ways to take your health into your hands.

Join the movement!

Spread the word of Hormone Health Awareness Month on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn using the hashtags #ItsYourHormones and #HormoneHealthAwareness

Make a donation to the Endocrine Society here to support hormone health research.