Skin + Health Test

We believe in getting to the root causes to achieve your optimal skin. We have created the first ever Skin + Health Test that measures key biofactors, including hormones and pH, that affect your skin’s current condition and are essential key indicators of health and balance. 

Reserve your kit now to be one of the first to uncover the truth of your skin. Our kits are now available in limited quantities, reserve your kit and we'll let you know when you're off the waitlist.

Why Test? 

Testing helps to uncover the root causes of your skin’s needs. Instead of choosing products based on self-diagnosis and skin types, our testing measures biofactors directly related and scientifically proven to impact your skin and it’s changing needs right now. This allows for care on a deeper level, both in the near and long-term for the health of your skin and the health of you.

What You’ll Learn

  • Your Biofactor Readings (e.g. hormone levels)

  • Your Personalized Skincare Recommendations

  • Diet and Lifestyle Insights for Balance

Based on your unique biofactors, Veracity will provide personalized skincare and lifestyle recommendations with the goal of helping you achieve a balanced skin ecosystem.

Your personal data and security is our first priority. We store all data securely and under no circumstance will your data ever be sold or shared with anyone outside of our physician network.

Must be 18 and reside in the US to purchase.


Skin + Health Test

How It Works

The process is simple, and can be done in the convenience of your home.


Order Kit & Complete Skin + Health Profile

Purchase your kit and answer a few questions so we can get to know the whole you better.


Take Test

A small saliva sample is all we need. Use the return envelope and prepaid shipping label to seamlessly send back your test.


Personalized Insights

Physician reviewed test results and personalized product and lifestyle recommendations.

Hormones Glossary

Hormones are fundamental to our testing. Learn more about how they really impact your skin and health.