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What the Hell is Double Cleansing — and Should You Be Doing It?

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  • Double cleansing is a two-step process that cleans your face of the daily buildup of dirt, pollution, and make-up without stripping it of the good stuff (think every last bit of oil and good bacteria.) 

  • The method is simple: first wash your face with an oil-based cleanser like micellar water (read on for brand recommendations), followed by a cleanser that cleans deep into your pores, like Veracity's Blemish Calming Cleanser or Advanced Hydration Cleanser.

  • To give your skin an extra oomph, double cleanse with both of Veracity’s cleansers, starting with the oil-based Advanced Hydration Cleanser formulated to tackle dehydration and dullness followed by the Blemish Calming Cleanser, which was designed to address blemishes at their source.

Ahh, remember the good ol’ days when you removed your purple eyeshadow and thick lined eyeliner with a drugstore brand makeup wipe, followed by an ultra stripping, highly fragranced foaming cleanser? Your face may have been free of all dirt and grime – literally squeaky clean – but it was tight, dry, and stripped of its natural moisture. Your skin suffered the consequences of this old school skincare routine

Then, in the early 2010s, Korean beauty trends began to take over, revealing all the things we had been doing wrong. The ultra Americanized, face wipe-and-drugstore cleanser method was primary among these offenses. 

Korean skincare knows what it’s doing when it comes to beauty and healthy skin, and their concept of double cleansing is no different. This two-step method, when done the right way, helps to remove all the daily makeup, dirt, grime, and pollution from your skin while keeping your natural moisture and skin barrier intact. From micellar waters and oils to acne fighting cleansers, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about the double cleansing method – what it is, how to do it, and the best clean beauty combinations to use for clean and hydrated skin. 

What is Double Cleansing?

Just as its name suggests, double cleansing is the process of washing your face twice, often with two different cleansers. This method generally involves washing your face with an oil-based cleanser first, followed by a water based cleanser. The first cleanse works to remove the top layers of makeup, dirt, and grime and to loosen up all the gunk that has accumulated on your face. This sets up the second cleanser to really penetrate and get rid of any remaining bacteria hiding in your pores. 

Double cleansing is especially beneficial for those who live in areas with a lot of pollution (think big cities) or anyone who wears an ample amount of sunscreen (as we all should!) because these particles in particular burrow their way deep into the skin, resulting in clogged pores that can be hard to remove with a quick, one-step rinse. 

Your Ultimate Double Cleansing Tip Sheet: 

  1. Listen to your hormones and what they’re telling you via your skin: High testosterone can cause a lot of excess oil build up, in which case double cleansing might be exactly what your skin needs to feel super clean. Those with low estrogen and drier skin, on the other hand, may want to opt for a single, ultra nourishing cleanse. 

  2. Did you wear sunscreen and make-up today? If yes, double cleanse: A good rule of thumb for when and how often to double cleanse is to use this method on days when you wear more makeup or spend time out in the sun reapplying sunscreen. Double cleansing can help remove every last drop of those product to give you a clean slate on which to apply your nighttime skincare products. 

  3. Embrace selfcare whenever you have the time: There’s nothing wrong with a little extra selfcare on days when you have time for an extra step in your routine. Double cleansing can be a great way to give your face more attention with a deeper clean and a bit of a face massage for a holistic wellness routine.

How to Double Cleanse 

While double cleansing generally involves starting with an oil based cleanser, followed by a gel or foaming cleanser, because of Veracity’s unique and cutting edge formulas, we recommend always starting your cleansing routine with a hormone safe micellar water and then using your Veracity cleanser as your second step for a deeper clean that targets your skin issues. 

We recommend using a micellar water to help remove makeup. Here are some of our hormone safe favorites:

After you use the micellar water, your second cleanse helps to finish up the rest of the dirty work. Our new Advanced Hydration Cleanser which is made with skin-loving adaptogens and healing biomimetic oils, emulsifies into a gentle milk that puts hydration back into your skin, even after you rinse. 

For an ultra hydrating and deep clean, massage the Advanced Hydration Cleanser onto dry skin to gently break down any remaining traces of makeup. Then, gradually add warm water to emulsify the cleanser and rid your skin of any impurities, debris, and pollutants. 

For those with hormonal breakouts from higher testosterone levels, Veracity’s Blemish Calming Cleanser is a great second step in your double cleansing routine. It’s made with sulfur and boswellia serrata extract, which is packed with antioxidants that help soothe inflammation and redness. 

Veracity Tip: You can use both Veracity cleansers in your hormone safe double cleansing routine. If this is the case, use the Advanced Hydration Cleanser as your first step and the Blemish Calming Cleanser as your second step. 

Can I use toner in place of micellar water?

Micellar waters and toners are two different things that serve different purposes. Micellar water contains cleansing agents designed to gently cleanse skin, whereas toner is intended for after cleansing. Toners are often water based and gently exfoliate and balance your skin. So the best skincare routine is to double cleanse with a hormone safe micellar water to start, followed by your recommended Veracity cleanser, and finish it off with your favorite balancing toner (if you so choose).

Cleansing sets the foundation for your skin health and helps determine the effectiveness of the rest of your routine. As long as you’re using the best hormonally safe formulas, double cleansing can make a profound difference in your skin both today and in the long term. It can even do the heavy lifting of removing your purple eyeshadow (it’s back, you know!) at the end of a long day. Your skin may not be as dry and squeaky, but it will most definitely be clean.

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