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Do You Have Dehydrated or Dry Skin? And What’s the Difference?

For years, you may have been putting yourself in the “dry skin” category, but could your skin have been dehydrated all along? Hydration and moisture are two terms that have been used interchangeably in the beauty industry for decades. But there are vast differences between them and knowing is key to solving your skin issues. 

So, What’s the Difference?

In short, hydration refers to water and moisture refers to oil or sebum (natural oils in the skin). Your skin needs both water and oil to function (and look) its best. However if your hormones are imbalanced they can negatively impact the natural production of these two glow-inducing building blocks, leaving you with skin in need of some help.

The Dehydrated Skin — Hormone Connection

Dehydrated skin is often itchy and dull and prone to pronounced dark circles and fine lines and wrinkles. Low estrogen levels reduce the natural production of hyaluronic acid in your skin leading to a dull complexion, while low DHEA causes your skin’s collagen production to slow way down. Without enough collagen to support your skin structure and function, your skin thins making it more prone to dullness and irritation. 

Here’s What to Do About It

Before anything else, it’s important to note that water makes up 64% of your skin! So it’s a no brainer that keeping hydrated by drinking lots of water is the first step to healing your skin. Try filling up a big glass or stainless steel water bottle (unlike plastic, glass and stainless steel don’t contain endocrine disruptors) and carry it with you throughout the day!

Veracity's Advanced Hydration Cleanser is a good first step in your skincare routine. This oil-based cleanser is specifically formulated to target dehydrated and dull skin caused by hormone imbalances. It cleans while infusing the skin with powerful ingredients that help support your skin barrier and its ability to retain moisture.

Our Hydration Balance Vital Concentrate targets low estrogen levels by rehydrating the skin with 4D hyaluronic acid (HA). This biomimetic form of hyaluronic acid penetrates all layers of the skin to lock in and replenish hydration while helping the skin to rebalance its own hyaluronic acid production.

Our Brightening Support Vital Concentrate helps low DHEA levels by supporting the skin with Diglucosyl Gallic Acid to brighten a dull complexion along with Hyaluronic Acid to lock water into the skin to rehydrate and plump. Yes, please!

The Dry Skin — Hormone Connection

Dry skin is a lack of moisture a.k.a. lack of sebum in your skin. Dry skin often shows itself through dry patches, flakiness, and irritation. Low testosterone levels reduce sebum production which leads to a weakened barrier and skin dryness. Low progesterone levels also lower sebum production leading to a depletion in essential moisture. 

Here’s What to Do About It

Our Inflammation Response Vital Concentrate is excellent for low progesterone levels to replenish moisture to your skin. Not only does it feature blemish-fighting ingredients, it’s packed with Squalane, Nigella Seed and Rosehip Oils that act as moisturizing ingredients to improve skin barrier function and smooth over any dry spots. 

Our Regenerating Infusion Vital Concentrate helps low progesterone levels with a multi-functional approach to skin regeneration helping to rid the skin of dry flakes and remoisturize to improve skin barrier function. The formula features 8% Glycolic Acid, an optimal level to gently, yet effectively exfoliate the skin helping to promote cellular turnover. It also contains Benthi Plant Peptides, a powerhouse retinol-like active, which helps stimulate the skin’s own production of lipids to remoisturize the skin barrier. 

To help support low testosterone levels, our Hydration Balance Vital Concentrate, provides support for both hydration and moisturization. The formula contains Birch Tree Water and Sodium PCA which add essential amino acids back to the skin barrier to protect and strengthen. 

What If Your Skin is Dehydrated and Dry?

Our BioEvolve Serum and Moisturizer are designed with 360º protection to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized so it’s balanced and healthy throughout the day.  Both formulas are packed with powerful skin hydrators like glycerin and snow mushroom extract which lock water onto the skin helping to replenish and rehydrate. Our go-to daily essentials also contain moisturizing ingredients like adaptogens (Rambutan Peel and Garland Lily), ceramides, and fermented plant oils that work with your skin’s needs to add essential nutrients back to the skin barrier. . 

Finally, Order Is Important

Using your products in the right steps ensures you’re effectively delivering the right actives to your skin.The standard order for products is:


Tone (or Essence)

Serum (Treatment Step)


SPF (always mineral!)

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