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Clinically proven weight loss powered by breakthrough plant ingredients that boost metabolism + reduce appetite. 100% safe, zero side effects.

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Transform your metabolism, energize your life. 100% toxin free solutions, backed by science.


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*Independent studies on key ingredients in Metabolism Ignite *Independent studies on key ingredients in Fatigue Ease



  • Boosts metabolism and reduces appetite
  • 100% plant based + natural
  • Safe, with out side effects

Results from 9 independent clinical trials*

  • 9 lbs average weight loss when combined with dietary changes
  • 55% increase in GLP-1, improving satiety and feelings of fullness
  • 10% decrease ghrelin, reducing cravings
  • 55% decrease in leptin, reducing hunger and appetite
  • 12% decrease in systolic blood pressure in 6 weeks, for healthier blood pressure
  • 20% decrease in LDL, for healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels

*Independent studies on key ingredients in Metabolism Ignite

Metabolism Ignite

Metabolism Ignite

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*Independent studies on key ingredients in Metabolism Ignite *Independent studies on key ingredients in Fatigue Ease

Clinically proven stress support


  • Restores energy levels from adrenal burnout
  • Improves mental clarity and sleep cycles
  • Strengthens the immune system

Results from clinical trials*

  • Reduces feelings of mental fatigue and exhaustion (within 2 weeks)
  • Improves sleep cycles for a more balanced and well-rested sleep (within 4 weeks)

*Independent studies on key ingredients in Fatigue Ease

Fatigue Ease

Fatigue Ease

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Real results, zero side effects

Backed by science and functional medicine, Veracity delivers safe, natural, solutions to energize your health.

Clinically Proven Results

Non-drug + 100% toxin free

Doctor recommended

Medical Grade without the Rx

Meet our Doctor Team

“Veracity offers clients an opportunity to take control of their metabolic health and the way in which they care for their bodies. I could not be more pleased to be a part of the Veracity team as we push the conversation on science-backed solutions forward."

Dr. Taz Bhatia

MD, Integrative Medicine

“Veracity stands apart from other health brands by empowering clients with education on the importance of metabolic health. Veracity’s supplement formulations are designed to support the body at the cellular level for long term weight health.”

Dr. Gabrielle Francis

NMD, Functional Medicine

"Veracity is bringing the power of functional medicine to their clients to support not only their metabolic health but their overall health as well. With Metabolism Ignite, I can support my patients’ weight loss journey knowing it is safe and all natural. I am proud to be a part of Veracity’s team of doctors as we work to guide clients to achieve optimal health."

Dr. Lana Butner

Naturopathic Medicine

“Veracity is addressing the root of problems rather than attempting to band-aid the problem. Metabolism Ignite not only offers clients a natural alternative for quality weight loss but also improves their overall metabolism. I am incredibly excited to be a part of this team on their journey to improving clients’ health.”

Dr. Jamie Knopman

MD, Reproductive Endocrinology

"Veracity is a no-brainer. They are bringing functional medicine to their clients in a way that educates and empowers them to take control of their metabolic health."

Dr. Angela Lamb

MD, Dermatology

"Veracity's commitment to whole-health wellness complements our philosophy of regenerative dermatology, where supplements are integral to supporting the body's natural ability to heal at the cellular level.”

Dr. Julie Russak

MD, Dermatology

“Metabolic health is the key to whole body health. When you have a healthy metabolism, you experience more energy, stress resilience, improved gut health, healthy aging, and better sleep.”

Dr. Lainie Hurst

MD, Endocrinology

"Veracity’s Metabolism Ignite is an innovative solution to help clients combat bloating and food cravings, while also helping them feel more energized and boost their metabolism naturally. I am excited to be a part of the advisory team and collaborate with Veracity as they support clients’ whole health."

Dr. Mishal Reja

MD, Gastroenterology & Internal Medicine

“Veracity’s Metabolism Ignite does so much more than support healthy weight loss. It also helps to turn up the engine that burns fat for fuel. It’s a great addition to a diet, exercise, and stress management routine.”

Dr. Mark Tager


Dr. Taz Bhatia
Dr. Gabrielle Francis
Dr. Lana Butner
Dr. Jamie Knopman
Dr. Angela Lamb
Dr. Julie Russak
Dr. Lainie Hurst
Dr. Mishal Reja
Dr. Mark Tager

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