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My Routine: Healing From Endometriosis Through Nourishment and Rituals

Alyssa François is a content creator, lifestyle and wellness influencer. At 32, Alyssa was officially diagnosed with endometriosis after years of suffering from debilitating menstrual cramps and no clear answers. Her diagnosis helped her determine her purpose and inspired her to take her healing into her own hands, share her holistic healing journey with her community, and to become an IIN health coach where her current focus is to help women with their daily routines and to nourish themselves inside and out.

5:00 AM

I am naturally a morning person. I wake up at 5 o’clock and have been this way for a long time. For me, it’s the most peaceful time of the day. There was a point way back in my twenties, when I wasn’t using those morning hours as wisely. I was waking up and working for a job before heading to the office to work some more and eventually it led to a really bad case of burnout - it wasn’t good for my health overall. After that episode, I read the book The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod during my morning commute on the train and it changed my life.

In the morning I like to start the day with my version of morning pages, which includes either brain dumping or journaling. Sometimes both. I used to journal daily but I’ve realized that I like to journal when I feel called to do so, it feels less like a chore this way. I tend to wake up in the morning with lots of ideas and thoughts so I make sure to jot it down on paper. Having a pen and a journal near my bed is a habit I picked up from my dad. He has a habit of jotting down numbers that come to mind which he will then use as lotto numbers. It’s funny but he seems to get lucky from time to time. After freshening up and hydrating, I do guided meditation and yoga. I’m currently using Open and I am obsessed. It has everything from breathwork, to meditation, and music.

6:00 AM

On weekdays, I keep my morning skincare routine very simple. I like to be mindful of how I am spending my time since I begin my day job at 9 am. I’m a big fan of gently cleansing with a cleanser in the mornings especially if I used any skincare with actives the night before. I see a lot of people that are opposed to washing their face with a cleanser in the morning but my skin enjoys it, especially cleansing oils. I am beyond obsessed with the Advanced Hydration Cleanser. It’s so gentle on my skin, non-stripping, and my skin remains hydrated.

After cleansing, I apply my serums, right now it's the Alpha-H Vitamin B or C serum and then I go in with the BioEvolve Serum which is a staple in my routine and helps me protect my skin’s barrier especially during the colder months. To finish off my skincare routine, I use Namesake Moisturizer which is super lightweight and leaves my skin with the perfect plump and dewy base before applying any makeup. Before I move onto makeup though, I apply Antedotum SPF for sun protection even when I’m working from home.

6:30 AM

I must have something warm to drink every morning. This is something my grandmother and mom preached to me ever since I was a little girl. They say it's a great way to break up the gas in your stomach. It’s been a ritual in my family for years. I used to depend on coffee, but I’m a tea girl through and through. I cut coffee out of my routine in 2021 - it was wreaking havoc on my gut and I haven’t had it since. I would use coffee as a way to keep me awake when fighting through fatigue (which is a symptom of my endometriosis). 

However, as part of my holistic healing journey, I’ve been focusing on supporting my gut microbiome and nourishing it with prebiotics and probiotic-rich foods and supplements. I switched to Teeccino which is prebiotic and tastes just like coffee and gives me a natural boost of energy. I also love matcha and enjoy the ritual of making it in the mornings and it gives me a nice boost of energy. I make my own different matcha concoctions by adding adaptogens and tonics based on how I’m feeling or whatever health concern I’d like to address.

For breakfast during the week I have two requirements - simple and nourishing. Avocado toast with lox or oatmeal followed by an omelet with greens and sourdough bread or olive bread from Balthazar Bakery here in New Jersey. Ugh, the olive bread is soooo good! Lastly, it’s a smoothie, fresh juice, or fruit. I am more of a savory girl but I like to balance it with a healthy sweet treat. 

On the weekends, I love making codfish with green bananas, plantain, and dumplings for breakfast. My parents are from Grenada and this is something I grew up eating on Sunday mornings with a fresh warm slice of bread. 

As far as my supplement routine goes, there are lots and it changes by the season, but liposomal vitamin C is a constant. I take it daily to keep my immune system up and to help my body absorb my iron supplement better. I also just started using L-Glutamine in powder form to help with muscle recovery since I’ve been in the gym a bit more - I also love that it supports my gut. 

For probiotics I recently switched from my old probiotic to the BioEvolve Probiotic which keeps me *super* regular and I’ve noticed that my scalp dermatitis hasn’t been as bad since switching to this probiotic. I also recently started taking the Vital ESTR + PRGST Balance to help detox excess hormones from my body. My estrogen levels need balancing so this is a key supplement in my routine right now.

12:00 PM 

I love to prepare my own meals. It gives me peace of mind knowing what's in my food and when I do go out, I can enjoy it without any guilt. At home I eat mostly plant-based and avoid soy and dairy to manage my endometriosis symptoms. For lunch, I like to have a salad or a sandwich loaded with veggies like spinach, slices of tomato, avocado, pickle and a slice or two of turkey alongside any leftovers from dinner. My lunches are typically bigger than my dinners. 

After cutting out coffee, I no longer experience the mid-day slump like I used to, but I definitely experience a lot of fatigue a week before and during my period. Some months are better than others, so I try my best to listen to my body and rest when I need to. Although, it’s very challenging to do this with a day job. I’m currently trying to implement cycle syncing with my work. It boggles my mind that us women are expected to give the same energy daily. I wish we all had the freedom to move with our body’s natural rhythms — it's so much better for our hormones.  

1:00 PM 

By 1 o’clock, it’s harder for me to do anything that involves strategy. Anytime that I feel like I don’t have the energy to get through the rest of the day I take a break and walk outside. It’s one of my favorite activities. I just love being in nature.

6:00 PM

Cuddling with my toy poodle, DJ, and my Alexa Echo Show plays a huge role in my wind down routine. I also love to read a few pages of a book before bed. These days I have been slammed with a lot of personal projects after work so I find ways to maintain a form of balance that works for me in this season. 

As I begin to slow down for the evening I love playing slow jams and will have a warm drink of choice. I am very intuitive with my food and drink choices to keep things fun. Lemongrass tea, chamomile, or Calm magnesium are a few of the warm drinks I have in my arsenal currently. I also like to add a drop of reishi to my tea at night to help calm me. If I’m not in a tea mood, a glass of red wine here and there never hurts. 

7:00 PM 

I tend to start my evening skincare routine earlier in the evenings so that the products stay on my face longer. I typically only have on a light layer of makeup, so I cleanse with the Advanced Hydration Cleanser and follow with my Algenist Skin Resurfacing Toner. I’ve been reaching for my Alpha-H Vitamin E serum a lot lately followed by the BioEvolve Serum. Lastly, I apply my BioEvolve Moisturizer. I just love how rich this cream is. This and the BioEvolve Serum have been a consistent staple in my skincare routine since February and I don’t think I can part ways with either.

7:30 PM 

Cooking everyday is not my thing. Meal prepping in advance is more my speed. Sometimes I’m out of leftovers by midweek and then I’ll cook something wholesome and simple. But if I just don’t have the strength or time, I’ll order Cava. If it's a Friday night and I want to just treat myself to one of my favorite comfort foods, Italian it is. 

I love making branzino — it's my absolute favorite fish, and spinach lasagna is a favorite of mine to cook, as well. I also love making lentil soup, it just gives me a warm and cozy feeling but I’m more careful with how often I have lentils since they can lead to estrogen dominance if consumed too often.

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