Our Story

As your life changes, your skin inevitably changes, too. Whatever you’re feeling right now—joy, stress, anticipation, exhaustion—you can probably see it in the mirror. We’re used to thinking of these changes as cosmetic—problems to fix with spot treatments and serums. But they’re a reflection of what’s going on inside, sending important signals about your health.

Veracity was created to help you figure out what your skin is trying to say. Instead of relying on age, skin type, or race to determine your skincare routine, we use simple at-home testing to gather real data about the current state of your skin and health, and offer you products based on your own unique biofactors.

Veracity means a ‘commitment to truth,’ and it’s the standard we hold ourselves to. You deserve skincare solutions based on trusted research and data.

Founder's Note

I was inspired to create Veracity after years of seeking answers about my own skin. Frustrated from trying to heal persistent dry patches on my face, my "aha moment" came when I was tested for fertility issues. Three years into my suffering, I learned that I had an underactive thyroid– which was the direct cause of my skin issues.

That’s why I founded Veracity: to give you the tools I didn’t have, and the knowledge I believe all women should have. A solution that uncovers root causes of issues big and small, offers proactive steps forward, and puts you on a path to better skin and better health.

We believe in the power of science and research to move us forward. To help fill the void in women’s hormonal health research we will donate a portion of every Skin + Health Test to independent women’s hormonal health research with the hope of continuing to get more and better answers.