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DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) is an androgen (male sex hormone) and a precursor hormone that serves as the building block for estrogen and testosterone. DHEA has far-reaching effects and influences many functions and organs, ranging from mood to memory to libido.

DHEA & Your Skin

DHEA & Your Skin

DHEA is responsible for keeping the skin moisturized and delaying signs of aging. This helpful hormone naturally declines as you age, which causes the skin to stop producing as much collagen and oil (sebum). These changes lead to dry and sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, as well as a weaker skin barrier, making you more susceptible to free radical damage and dark spots from sun exposure.

The opposite happens with high DHEA, where excess oil production traps dead skin cells and clogs pores, leading to inflammation and acne. Studies have shown that androgen levels in general are higher in adult women with acne than those without.

DHEA & Your Health

DHEA & Your Health

Because DHEA serves as the precursor for our major sex hormones, lower DHEA impacts general wellness, from the immune system to heart health to memory. Studies have shown DHEA supplementation to be helpful for women suffering from depression, anxiety, obesity, and insulin resistance. Since DHEA naturally declines as you age, it is most likely the driver behind the symptoms of menopause, such as low libido and low bone density.

Similar to other male sex hormones, higher DHEA can lead to acne, hirsutism (thick, excess hair growth in areas where hair is uncommon), as well as hair loss on the scalp (officially called female pattern hair loss, or FPHL). Studies have also shown that higher DHEA may also be associated with depression and negative mood.



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"Dhea supports the immune system and stress response, and may fight signs of aging. Dhea naturally declines with age, but this doesn’t necessarily mean the more the merrier. Excessive dhea can lead to oily skin and acne."

Dr. Alyssa Dweck, MD, OBGYN, medical advisor to Veracity