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pH reveals the balance between acidity and alkalinity in your body. It is a critical factor to your health, helping to maintain a thriving digestive system, glowing skin, and a strong immune system.

pH & Your Skin

pH & Your Skin

pH levels vary throughout different parts of your body. For example, stomach acid pH is much more acidic to help you break down food. 

Veracity tests for saliva pH, which has been shown to be lower (more acidic) when you are under stress. While the connection between saliva pH and skin has not been established by research, saliva pH can be a helpful marker in determining your stress levels, which in turn affect hormones and can cascade into skin symptoms.

Healthy skin tends to be slightly acidic to combat harmful microbes and free radicals that accelerate aging. While everyone has their own unique baseline pH, lower levels (acidic) can lead to dryness and peeling, as well as make you vulnerable to redness and sensitivity, while high levels (alkaline) can compromise your skin barrier, which affects your ability to retain moisture.

pH & Your Health

pH & Your Health

Saliva pH also plays a crucial role in oral health. Saliva pH hovers around 6.2 to 7.6, a favorable level for microorganisms that help us digest food and prevent harmful bacteria from colonizing. More acidic saliva may be caused by consuming soda and alcohol and usually indicates a higher risk for cavities and halitosis. More alkaline saliva is rare, but brings about similar effects.


Skin naturally normalizes pH levels on its own, although oral and topical probiotics can help maintain a balanced and optimal skin pH. 

You don’t always have to only use products within your pH range, but it is helpful to educate yourself on which types of products are generally more acidic or basic. Active products, such as serums and peels, have a slightly lower pH, meaning they are more acidic. If your skin is prone to sensitivity or is slightly higher on the pH range, we recommend trying these products as spot treatments first.


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"Your skin is actually healthiest when it's slightly acidic. An acidic barrier helps to fight off outside stressors and retain moisture. If your ph swings too high or low, you will begin to see signs of the imbalance in your skin.”

Dr. Angela Lamb, MD, Dermatology, medical advisor to Veracity