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Libido + The Best Time of Day for Sex

It might surprise you. But there is some science behind the phenomenon of Afternoon delight.


For men peak performance and arousal time is in the morning – when testosterone levels are at their highest. As the day goes on testosterone wanes, but oestrogen peaks later in the afternoon. This hormone kicks in greater attentiveness emotionally – fostering the ability to better connect with a partner.

For women, this afternoon window syncs with a peak in cortisol which boosts energy and alertness.

It’s the combination which results in the phenomenon known as ‘Afternoon Delight’ – at approximately 3pm.

To note – this magic time of day is identified by women’s hormone health expert Alisa Vitti, and applies to sex between a male and female.

Libido + Hormones Shifts

Beyond the 24 hour day, libido is also affected over longer periods of time by hormonal changes from the menstrual cycle to entering peri/menopause, or experiencing stress, anxiety and depression.

If you're experiencing low libido from hormonal shifts, supplements can help you naturally rebalance and regain sex drive.

1. Estrogen Revive

Botanicals including Dong Quai and Black Cohosh root help ease the symptoms of peri/menopause including hot flashes, mood swings and vaginal dryness, irritation, and itching.

2. Longevity Revitalize

As we age our levels of hormone DHEA decline. It’s a precursor hormone for estrogen and testosterone, key hormones for a healthy sex drive. So when you have less DHEA, the resulting lower levels of estrogen and testosterone can decrease libido. DHEA Stability harnesses a pure form of DHEA from wild yams to naturally support DHEA levels.

3. Cortisol Calming

Stress, which goes hand in hand with anxiety and depression have been linked to a decrease in sexual desire. Cortisol Calming builds the body’s resilience to the affects of spikes in cortisol with powerful adaptogens and a nootropic. It soothes the mind and body, and can also improve sleep which is key to overall wellness and ability to have a healthy libido.

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