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Tips and Tricks to Supporting Your Health - and Planet Earth

If there’s one thing science teaches us, it’s how incredible Mother Nature is. Even as we’re laying out on the beach, the sun radiates vitamin D, giving our bodies the ability to create and regulate hormones. And crisp mountainous terrain and exotic rainforests aren’t just for your viewing pleasure– they contain powerful plants that mimic our natural processes with the ability to heal and balance our body and skin. Living sustainably is an act of loving and celebrating Planet Earth, and it benefits your general health, too.

Making small changes that benefit your health can make waves towards bettering the planet, and doesn’t require a complete life overhaul. But if you want to go off the grid “Into the Wild” style that’s an option too. 

Here are a few tips and tricks  that can help you live more sustainably: 

1. Say “no” to physical receipts

Paper receipts are coated with the endocrine disruptor, BPA. The fresh and hot printed receipt that you take, only to crumple up only to be thrown in a landfill, leaches hormone disrupting chemicals onto your skin and is absorbed into your bloodstream. Studies have shown that retail workers have on average 30 percent more BPA in their bodies than other adults. As for Mother Nature? The annual waste from receipts in the U.S. is around 686 million pounds of waste. So the next time you’re out, opt for the emailed receipt. 

2. Invest in a glass/stainless steel water bottle

While we’re still on the no plastics train, ditch the plastic water bottles and invest in a quality reusable water bottle (glass or stainless steel is best!). On average, the United States uses over 17 million barrels of oil to create upwards of 50 billion disposable plastic water bottles every year–most of which are never recycled. We’re all familiar with microplastics wreaking havoc on our environmental ecosystems, but a breakthrough study recently found microplastics in human blood. Keeping your reusable water bottle handy prevents you from dehydration and contributing to the environmental and hormonal toxic load. 

3. Grow an indoor garden

Plants are not just for decoration, it turns out they’re great for your health. Indoor plants can significantly reduce both VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and carbon dioxide from the air, preventing the health and environmental damage caused by air pollution. 

4. Eat whole, local foods 

Shopping at your local farmers market checks all the sustainable boxes. Supporting small businesses and contributing to your local economy? Check. Eating nutrient dense food picked at its peak of freshness? Check. Shopping in a close vicinity which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to improving our carbon footprint? Check. An excuse to break out our reusable canvas tote? Check. 

5. Get tech savvy 

Use your phone to fight food waste. Olio connects the local community with local retailers so extra food can be dispersed. For foodies on a tight budget, Too Good To Go helps cafes and restaurants sell uneaten meals at reduced rates. If you are someone who buys food in bulk and never has enough time to eat it, you can use sharewaste.com to find people in your area with a compost bin (or chickens) to sustainably dispose of your scraps. 

6. Find a good tailor

We all love the feeling of a brand new outfit, but finding a good tailor is way better. Investing in the pieces you already own or tailoring vintage pieces to fit you just right cuts down on landfill waste and pollution from fast fashion. 

7. Properly recycle your clean beauty and makeup products with PACT

The beauty industry generates an estimated 120 billion cosmetic packages annually, most of which are made with virgin plastic and are unlikely to be recycled. Veracity is proud to be partnering with Pact Collective, the first not-for-profit collection program for the beauty industry whose mission is to provide a solution for hard-to-recycle beauty packaging. 

How to Recycle Your Empty Veracity Products:

Step 1. Disassemble your Veracity packaging (video here)

  • BioEvolve Serum: 

    • Pull off cap

    • Separate and remove pump from bottle

  • BioEvolve Moisturizer

    • Separate and remove lid from jar

  • Vital Concentrates

    • Separate and remove dropper from bottle

    • Remove  white wiper insert from the inside neck of the bottle with a ballpoint pen

    • Separate glass pipette from dropper top by pulling and twisting. (This step can be tricky but don’t give up!) 

Step 2. Make sure your products are empty, clean, fully disassembled and fully dry.

Step 3. Drop the following in the PACT bin at your nearest Credo Beauty

  • All pumps

  • All caps

  • Plastic tubes

  • Colored glass bottles & jars

Step 4: Recycle the product boxes at home!

At Veracity, we believe sustainability is rooted in whole body health – when humans are healthy, the planet is healthy. 

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