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Tried + Tested: What FaceGym is Really Like

Ever since I moved to New York City, my walk through Soho has more often than not been interrupted by the experiences’ version of window shopping. Of the many fascinating things to try that have caught my eye over the past year, the one with the most Instagram hype is FaceGym. Much like the name implies, it’s a workout studio with high and low-intensity workouts…for your face! 

While I tend to skew on the skinny side, I’ve noticed that my recent unhealthy eating habits and odd sleeping patterns have led to bloating in my face. A high-intensity facial workout seemed like it was worth a shot – especially if it could give me a ‘lift’ without being invasive.

What FaceGym Was Really Like:

There is a long list of studio workout options available on the website, so you can book the option that’s aligned with your skin goals. I have very sensitive skin, so I had to make sure the workout I picked was minimally invasive and wouldn’t leave my skin feeling worse than before.

I picked the Clean + Lift, an upgrade from their Signature Sculpt workout, with the added layer of something they call the Skin IV, which is meant to clean and hydrate congested skin. They started me off with an electrolyte cleanser and went on to use the FaceGym massage ball on my face to release tension. The oil massage that followed felt more like persistent finger slaps, but I could see how this may be positioned as cardio for my face!

My facialist, Alexandra, then switched over to an Electric Muscle Stimulation device, which left me with an inescapable twitching sensation. Luckily, that only lasted as long as the device was being used. She finished the routine with a mild toner and the Skin IV – their version of a cocktail for clearer skin. At this stage, I started to feel my skin tingle in a way that I knew would end up in a flare up, so I asked Alexandra to end the routine early. To my suprise, there was no visible redness or flare up, and my skin really did look hydrated!

Would I Do It Again? 

Yes, I absolutely would do it again! Although, next time, I would pick one of their more ‘express’ workouts to save time. While the experience was mildly uncomfortable at certain points, I immediately saw signs of a snatched jawline, tightened cheekbones, and my double chin was gone. 

While I might take a break until my next trip to their studio, they sent me home with tips and tricks for face exercises that I can do myself to maintain the look between facials. I highly recommend the experience if you’re looking for a quick fix for seasonal bloating or dehydration.

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